Dear Parents,


What a crazy January!  We have enjoyed all the cold days with lots of fun activities and are now feeling settled back in after the busy holidays. 

To get us all in the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday, we will have Team Spirit days, Thursday and Friday, February 1 and 2.  Children are encouraged to wear their favorite team shirt or jerseys!

VALENTINE PARTIES will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, February 13 & 14.  Children in all classes will exchange valentines.  Parents will have an opportunity to provide goodies for each class.  (Cookies, muffins, donut holes, etc.  NO CUP CAKES PLEASE!!)  Look for the sign-up sheets outside each classroom.


FALL 2018 REGISTRATION!!!!  It’s that time again.  Registration for next fall will begin Tuesday, February 6th for families currently enrolled in the program and church members.  A $100 registration fee per child, per program, will be due upon registration.  NEW FORMS ARE REQUIRED FOR CURRENT STUDENTS!  Check out our website for more information at shiningthelight.org/mdo.  If you have special requests, please let us know upon registering your child.  We try to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee them.   Children currently on our waiting list will be able to register for next fall on Thursday, February 8th in the MDO office.  If you know any of these families, please pass this information on to them!  Community registration will begin on Wednesday, February 14th at 10am in the Narthex.


Important calendar change! MDO will be making up our 2 snow days on Thurs. and Fri., May 24 & 25!
MARCH AT A GLANCE:  Rodeo Days Wednesday and Thursday, March 1st & 2nd                                 Children may dress in their favorite western duds.  More details to follow.
                                                  Spring Break, March 13-16.  NO MDO
  • When picking up our child, we ask that your cell phones be off or leave them in the car. The teachers and your child need your full attention at the end of each day to communicate any issues they may have had.
  • Only one parent at the door in the afternoon at pickup time. Please wait in line to receive your children.  This has become a safety issue, sometimes children see their parents at the crowded door and run out, leaving the teachers unaware that one of their students has been picked up.  STAFF PERSONS ONLY IN THE CLASSROOMS.
  • The daily evaluation forms that are sent home at the end of each day are a way of keeping you informed and involved in your child’s daily activities. If your child has had an off day, (and we ALL have those days!) keep in mind that the situation or concern was handled at school by the teacher.  Take this opportunity to remind your child about appropriate behavior, but further punishment is not needed, as this may confuse your child.  Thank you!
  • Please remember to send your child with a jacket or sweater!
  • Please do NOT bring your child to school if they are running fever, coughing or have heavy drainage due to illness.
  • Remember that we do charge a late fee of $1.00 per child/per room/per minute after 2:00. This fee is payable directly to your child’s teacher.
  • Epiphany Lutheran MDO Tax I.D. # – 76-0334759


Please feel free to call or email us anytime!

MDO Office #281-485-7896