Welcome to Epiphany!

We hope you can worship with us soon. Check out the rest of our website for more information. Below is a brief guide to what you can expect on your first Sunday morning visit.


Epiphany is located at 5515 W. Broadway (FM 518) in Pearland about 2 miles west of Highway 35 (Telephone Rd.) near Bayway Chevrolet. If you are coming from Highway 35 we are on the right side of the road behind Westside Dental. If you are coming from Highway 288 we are on the left side of the road just past Bayway Chevrolet. Just look for the big white steeple.


We have two Sunday morning worship services. 
Our 8:30 a.m. service is traditional. It is held in the Family Life Center.
Our 10:45 a.m. service is a contemporary service and is held in the Family Life Center.
In both services God’s people hear and sing about the divine redemption and forgiveness we have in Jesus. We are reminded that we are fashioned in the very image of God—a part of His wonderful creation story. We are nourished, comforted and gifted with the Holy Spirit. God comes to His people in worship in amazing grace. As our sacrifice of praise—we make joyful noise with all kinds of instruments and voices—singing the work of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. To God alone be the glory. 
The pastor’s messages are taken straight from the Bible. In fact, that is the one thing that our members and guests comment on most … they like the fact that everything that is taught and preached is straight from the Bible. You can find out more about our core beliefs by visiting our “Beliefs Page”.


We know the first time visiting a church can be intimidating so if you have questions please feel free to ask anyone for help. There are two buildings-our main building (the one with the steeple) and our Ascension Family Life Center (the two- story building to the left of the main building). The main building contains our sanctuary, some classrooms, our administrative offices, restrooms and a small kitchen.
Our Family Life Center contains our multipurpose gym, our main kitchen, restrooms (both levels) and classrooms (both levels).
The 8:30 a.m. service is in the Family Life Center. When you arrive enter through the middle door. You will be welcomed by our greeters. They are there to help you. There is also a Welcome Center. Restrooms are available in the hallways off the gym. 
The 10:45 a.m. service is held in the Family Life Center. When you arrive enter through the middle door. You will be welcomed by our greeters. They are there to help you. There is also a Welcome Center. Restrooms are available in the hallways off the gym. 
There is a dedicated hour of Sunday School for all ages (beginning at age three) which begins at 9:45 a.m. We love having visitors and our Sunday School program does everything it can to help guests feel welcome. Adult Bible classes also begin at 9;45 a.m. The main Adult Bible Class, taught by the pastors, takes place in the Ascension Family Life Center; refreshments are available. Also, don’t worry if you are late. We promise that no one will notice or be bothered by it. This isn’t a round-table, small group discussion—it is just a bunch of people gathering to hear the pastor dig deeply into the Scriptures. The pastor will throw out questions. Some people will give their thoughts and opinions, but don’t worry … you can just sit and listen and relax. For additional adult classes, click on the “Get Involved” tab and scroll down to “Current Bible Studies”.


We feel that families should be able to worship together. Children are just as much a part of the church community as adults and we strive to make worship relevant to all ages. Every Sunday worship service at Epiphany has a children’s message.  Usually we do various object lessons or experiments. Sometimes the pastor or leader tells the kids a great story. Whatever is done, it will help the kids focus on how Jesus matters in their lives. It will also help to give them some idea of how the pastor’s sermon is relevant to their lives.


Children are welcome to attend worship with their families; however we know that sometimes parents just need a quiet moment to pray and worship. For that reason, we have a staffed nursery for children ages three and under. The nursery is available during both services and Sunday School. Please note that we provide Sunday School classes starting at age three. All of our childcare staff and Sunday School teachers have been Safe & Secure (Epiphany’s Child Protection Policy) trained and a thorough background check has been done. We want to provide the safest environment possible for children to worship and grow in their faith.
The nursery is in room 103 in the Family Life Center building. 
Don’t forget to stop by our Welcome Center or check out our poster walls to learn about some of our upcoming events and programs at Epiphany. We have lots of ways for kids to get involved and learn about Jesus. There are also many adult opportunities for Small Group Bible Study and ministries you can get involved with. We want to help you make a difference in this world. Check out the rest of our website to find out more.