Parent Handout and Policies

Mother’s Day out Program of Epiphany Lutheran Church

5515 West Broadway

Pearland, Texas 77581

MDO Office # 281-485-7896

FAX # 281-485-5040


MDO Directors: Becky Broussard & Pam Van Maaren



“And He took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.”




The mission statement of Epiphany Lutheran Church is to help people grow into a living relationship with Jesus and His Church, through worship and fellowship; understand God’s purpose for their life, through Bible study and prayer; and to go forth as Jesus’ Ambassadors, to care for and share His Good News with all people.


Epiphany Lutheran Church Mother’s Day Out is licensed by the state and was established to help meet the needs of young families in the Pearland community. It is our calling and privilege to provide a program where children are cared for in a loving and secure environment, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through everyday activities. Children attend chapel in the sanctuary on a weekly basis where they experience worship and singing.


We are committed to the belief that “children learn by doing”. In partnership with parents, we provide well balanced, age appropriate activities, including the introduction of colors, numbers, shapes and the alphabet. Social skills are a very important part of being a preschool child. Classroom activities focus on the importance of sharing, listening and cooperative play.  All classes will enjoy enrichment activities that will include PE to focus on gross motor skills while enriching their language development.  It will also include music with an introduction to Spanish through music.


Our Pre-K 4 classes focus on preparing the children for Kindergarten in a variety of fun ways. This includes encouraging independence, expanding fine and gross motor skills, reading readiness, and math/science concepts. Circle time is used to introduce new concepts, including the calendar, show and tell, student of the week, etc. Creativity is promoted through the use of centers, art and music. Pre-K 4 classes are offered for 2 or 4 days per week.




Epiphany Lutheran MDO enrolls children of any race, color, national and ethnic origin. Classes are filled on a first come, first served basis. MDO registration is open in February. Very young children thrive best in small groups. In order to provide the best setting for your child/children, we strive to keep our staff/child ratios and our class sizes small.



Class                                     Staff/Child Ratio                                         Max. Class Size

Infants                                               1/3                                                                  6

Toddlers                                            1/5                                                                  10

Two Year Olds                                 1/5                                                                  10

Three Year Olds                        1/ 5 & 1/6                                                        10 & 12

Four Year Olds                                1/9                                                                  18




Tuition is based on the number of days the school is open, taking into consideration

holidays and/or PISD closures. MDO is intended to be a school year commitment; thus, our income must have continuity.  For this reason, May tuition is non-refundable.   May 2019 Tuition is due in September 2018 (with a $30 family discount) or a payment plan can be arranged.   Monthly tuition is due the first week of each month, no later than the 15th. Arrangements can be made for you to split your payment by paying on the first and third weeks if needed. Credit is not given for a child’s absence, including vacations, illness, teacher workshops, nor is credit given if the school must be closed due to weather events, national emergencies, or any other events beyond the school’s control. Checks, cash and Bill Pay from your bank are acceptable payments. Checks should be made out to ELC-MDO, with your child’s name in the memo section. Payments made later than the 15th of the month will incur a $10 late fee.



REGISTRATION FEE: :           $100 per child for 2 days a week

                                           $200 per child for 4 days a week


This fee is required to secure your child’s spot and is non-refundable.



Monthly tuition for the 2018/2019 school year is as follows:


1 child 2 days $190                    2 children 2 days $325          3 children 2 days $460

1 child 4 days $380                    2 children 4 days $650          3 children 4 days $920




Epiphany Lutheran Church Mother’s Day Out Tax ID# 76-0334759




In the event you decide to terminate enrollment early, a paid two week notice is required.




ELC-MDO has a Christ-centered atmosphere of love and acceptance of individual personalities. In order to provide a safely structured environment, general rules are established and are reviewed frequently so that children will learn expected behaviors.   Inappropriate behavior is treated as an opportunity for teaching. Teachers will first re-direct children, then anticipate and eliminate potential problems, providing positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior. Warnings and time outs are used when necessary. Biting cannot be tolerated and is considered inappropriate behavior. When necessary, we will discuss the situation with the parent and agree upon a strategy to help the child resolve the problem.





1   Mother’s Day Out offers two separate programs, held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and

     Wednesdays and Fridays. The hours are from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Our doors open promptly

     at 9:00 a.m.   It is very important for the children to arrive on time for school, as we are shaping our       

children’s attitudes and habits at this early age. A child’s tardiness disrupts the classroom schedule

     and many times the child misses out on activities. Children must be signed IN and OUT each day on   

     the attendance sheet outside your child’s classroom door. The emergency number for that day

     should be added here, and the person picking up. No child will be allowed to leave with a

     person without authorization. If the person listed on the attendance sheet changes during

     the day, a phone call to the director will be necessary. Identification is required any time

     the teacher does not recognize the person picking up your child. This is for your child’s

     protection. A late charge will be assessed to all parents picking up children after 2:00 p.m.

    The fee is $1.00 per minute per child. Parents should allow themselves adequate time to

     talk with the teacher and gather their child’s belongings before 2:00 p.m.


2   Teachers will be ready to greet you and your child at 9:00. If you choose to come into the

     buildings before 9 am, please wait in the narthex (main building) or hallway (gym building).    

     There are clocks in both buildings for your convenience. All doors, with the exception of

     the main office entrance remain locked during the day and reopened at 1:30. If you need to

     pick up your child early, or drop off lunch or forgotten supplies, please do so through the

     MDO office in the main building.


3   To protect the health and well-being of the children in the Mother’s Day Out program, all

     children must show proof of current inoculations prior to enrollment. These records must

     be kept up to date, and kept in our files throughout the year. Please do not send your child

     with a fever, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, green runny nose, or any other obvious illness. We ask that

     you keep your child home until they are free of fever, diarrhea, and vomiting for 24 hours without  

     medication.  You will be contacted immediately should your child become ill. If we are unable to  

     contact you, we will contact someone on your Emergency and Medical Form. If an emergency  

     situation should arise you will be contacted and/or your child will be taken to the

     hospital you have put on your Emergency and Medical Form. Any medication that          

     needs to be given during MDO hours should be put in a zip-lock bag in the original

     container with clear instructions and given directly to the Mother’s Day Out

     director to administer. Medications are NOT allowed in children’s bags or lunch kits.


4   Please note that we observe all Pearland I.S.D holidays.  You will be notified of these dates.        

     Epiphany MDO will be closed for weather-related problems and any other reason P.I.S.D. 

     closes.  Tune in to local TV, MDO Facebook or MDO website if weather is threatening. 

     *MDO staff is subject to attend workshops during the course of the year.  Tuition is 

     required for these training dates.   Advance notice will be given.  You will receive a

     calendar for the school year.


5   Parents are to hand your child and bags over to the teachers (PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE

     ROOM).  Gates must be remained closed and classroom doorways must be monitored by  

     the teachers for your child’s safety.  EPIPHANY LUTHERAN CHURCH POLICY REQUIRES  


     WITH CHILDREN.   Only one parent at the door at drop off and pick up.  Please wait in line

     to drop off and receive your children.  This is a safety issue, sometimes children see their

     parents at the crowded door and run out, leaving the teachers unaware that one of their

     students has been picked up.


6   Children will begin lunch with a prayer. Each child must bring a nutritious lunch with a

     clear or light colored drink in a spill proof cup. Some suggestions for lunch treats are

     cheese, crackers, lunchmeat, sandwiches, raisins, cut up fruit, celery, or carrot sticks. 

     Please do not send soft drinks, red jello or yogurts, or an abundance of sugared treats. 

     Morning snacks, consisting of crackers, pretzels or low sugar cookies and water are



7   We will be happy to help celebrate your child’s birthday by the parent providing cookies,

     muffins or donut holes.  NO CAKE OR CUPCAKES PLEASE.  You are welcome to provide

     plates and napkins for your child’s special day!  Please let your child’s teachers know the

     week before you plan to bring the snack.  Other special occasion & holidays are celebrated

     in the classrooms throughout the year.   


8   Children in the toddler class through three year old classes must bring a mat for rest

     period.  Because of space restrictions, the thin folding mat is preferred. These mats can be purchased at

     Wal Mart, Target or a teacher supply and can be covered with a king-size pillowcase.  Other type  

     mats are acceptable as long as they fit in the storage space provided.  All children will rest (not

     necessarily sleep) during rest time.  PLEASE MARK EVERYTHING clearly with your child’s

     name.  (lunch kits, mats, “blankies”, pacifiers, diaper bags, bottles, coats, sweaters, etc.).  We ask that

     you dress your children in clothing that can be easily removed for diaper changes or potty

     time.  Elastic waist pants work best so that the children can learn to take care of themselves at potty

     time.  Dress children comfortable for active play!  Girls wearing dresses should wear shorts

     underneath.  Because the safety zone in our playground consists of pea gravel, and because we do have

     climbing equipment, we ask that for your child’s safety and comfort, please send him/her in rubber

     soled shoes. Velcro shoes work best so that the children can remove pebbles from their

     shoes during playground time.  (No sandals, boots or flip-flops please).  ALL CHILDREN





    TRAINING.   Children must stay in a pull up or  diaper until COMPLETELY potty trained. 

    Accidents happen and are understandable;  however, children should be aware and capable

    of using the toilet by this age.  Repetitive accidents often affect self-esteem in children and

    as childcare professionals, we are concerned for your child’s social and emotional well  



10 The daily evaluation forms that are sent home at the end of each day are a way of keeping

      you informed and involved of your child’s daily activities.  If your child has had an off day,

      keep in mind that the situation or concern was handled at school.  Take this opportunity to

      remind your child about appropriate behavior, but further punishment is not needed, as

      this may confuse your child.  Thank you! 


11 Wednesdays and Thursdays are chapel days.  Chapel begins promptly at 9:20 am.  After

     dropping your child off in their classroom, we ask that you please clear the hallways, as the

     children will be moving throughout the halls to the sanctuary in the main building.  If you

     arrive after 9:20 and the chapel doors are closed, please remain in the narthex with your

     child until chapel time is over.  It is your responsibility to make sure your child gets in with

     his/her class when exiting chapel.             


12 Monthly newsletters are passed out to each child at the beginning of each month.  These    

     include important activities and dates.  Please keep these in a handy spot to refer to each

     month.  Newsletters are posted throughout the buildings, as well as on our website.


13 Please visit our website ( for all MDO information, including

     monthly newsletters and any updates.  You can also find us on Facebook!  You are

     welcome at any time during the day to call or visit our program and observe the childcare

     center’s operation.


*MDO STAFF:  Epiphany’s Mother’s Day Out staff is warm and caring individuals, striving to assist you in raising your child in a positive, loving Christian environment.  Criminal history checks and FBI fingerprinting are conducted on all MDO and church staff persons.  The Safe and Secure Program, CPR and first aid are also required.  Other training includes 24 hours of various workshops designed for Early Childhood Providers.  For information about local licensing offices, look on the Protective and Regulatory Services website at:  The Child Care Information line at 1-800-862-5252 also has information about local licensing offices.  We will be happy to let you review a copy of the minimum standards provided by Child Care licensing.


*This is a Drug Free and Gang Free Zone facility.  The gang-free zone is within 1000 feet of your child care center.  Gang related criminal activity or engaging in organized criminal activity within 1000 feet of the center is a law violation and is therefore subject to increased penalty under state law.           


  Revised – 2/2018